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C3. Regional appraisal for New Product Development skills

NPD-NET partners will study the demand and supply for New Product Development The demand study will identify the main sectors of regional interest for NPD and the needs of the companies following an indicative interview process.
The supply study concerns a qualitative and quantitative analysis of public and private service providers (i.e. consultants, technology parks, incubators, expert software houses etc.) which currently facilitate NPD processes either in one of its stages or in total. This work will collect and evaluate institutions for the support and preparation of (a) integration of product ideas, (b) evaluation of ideas, (c) business plans, (d) financing plans, (e) product design, (f) product prototyping, (g) marketing, etc.
The central objective of this analysis is mainly the identification of technical or science areas in which there is overlapping or deficiencies in the NPD-NET partner regions.


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