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C5. Dissemination of NPD-NET activities in the European market

The Regional NPD Support Centres will launch an information and awareness campaign for NPD to SMEs and academia. The aim of this campaign is to: (a) minimize the gap between industry and academic institutions and (b) inform SMEs about the procedures needed for developing new products, as well as the definition of the product mix necessary for sustainable development of companies and (c) inform SMEs about the potential offered for inter-regional cooperation for Development of new products where the whole procedure or parts of it could be supported by well known international service providers. The campaign will include workshops and publications. Potential issues covered in the workshops could be: (a) Specific issues related to practice of innovation in the production processes which will analyse specific technical and managerial issues. (b) The procedures followed for development of new products as well as the definition of the product mix necessary for sustainable development of companies. (c) Training related to the support which could be provided by the NPD-NET consortium. (d) Presentation of studies, and policies produced by the other components. It is obviously expected that the local qualified NPD consultants will be involved in all these processes.

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This web site will keep you informed on the dissemination activities which will take place in Central Macedonia, Attica, Wales, Basque Country, Slovenia and Estonia
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