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LEIA Foundation

Short profile

LEIA CDT Foundation is a Technological Development Centre, located at the Technological Park of Alava in Minano, Spain. It was founded in 1989 by a number of companies, the Employers Union of Alava and Vital-Kutxa Savings Bank.

LEIA CDT is divided in six departments: Administration and Finance, Technological Services, Pharmaceutical Unit, R&D of the Environment, Knowledge Technologies and Technological Dissemination, Marketing and OTRI (Office for Research Results Transfer). The main aim of LEIA is to promote technological improvement and transformation of the companies, collaborate with them individually and / or collectively to make them more competitive in harmonious relation with society within Sustainable Development, through Technology Transfer projects. LEIA is focused, in particular, on the following activities: Technology Services, Material Test and Analysis, Chemical and Environmental Laboratory, Analytical Determination of: air, waste, water, soils, noise and vibrations, Knowledge Technologies Department.

Main responsibilities in the network

Organisation and supervision of a network conference on Business Intelligence

Activities in the field of Regional Innovation

LEIA C.D.T. has signed an agreement with the Diputacion Foral de Alava with the objective of fomenting the innovation technology in the Alava industrial net. This agreement makes possible the realisation of different actions and projects in the field of innovation, collaboration with companies to improve the launch of innovating companies or the transformation of the current ones through new technological developments and management improvements. Among the different actions, is the realisation of diagnosis and innovation plans to industrial companies.

Furthermore, LEIA C.D.T. is preparing the innovation strategy in the Basque Country through the creation of a RIO Regional Innovation Observatory. For this observatory, LEIA C.D.T. has achieved the collaboration of different entities such as SPRI, Basque Government or SEA (Alava business sector trade union). The main objectives are:

  • To improve the regional innovation capacity.
  • To support the co-operation of companies through pilot applications, which allow to the regional SME to work in a higher level of competence and provide knowledge in the innovation process.
  • To develop an infrastructure of intra-regional technological information based on local web sites.
  • To disseminate Innovation Management and Innovation Development Tools.

LEIA is very active in regional dissemination of innovation, and has the responsibility to prepare the dissemination projects of innovation of all the national companies through the Industrial Chamber of Commerce.

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